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Products by Application

Restaurant & Industrial
Fire Protection Systems

Globe Technologies is the world leader in the production of Fusible Links that are at the heart of mainstream range hood fire protection systems for both domestic and commercial applications. The majority of range hood protection systems specify Globe Technologies fusible links, fit them as standard original equipment and recommend replacement when code criteria demands.

products for Restaurant & Industrial Systems

Fire Doors & Windows

As new legislation seeks to recognize and apply code protection, Globe Technologies will continue to offer best in class products. We offer a full range of links for use with fire dampers, fire curtains, fire window areas, roof located fire smoke dampers and thermal barrier curtains.

products for Fire Doors & Windows

Fire Dampers

Globe Technologies offers you a comprehensive range of links specifically designed and proven to address fast response and low minimum pre-load requirements of curtain type fire dampers applicable to either vertical, horizontal or radial closure systems.

products for Fire Dampers

AC & Refrigeration Systems

We are pleased to offer you a full range of Fusible Plugs to the exacting standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Our Fusible Plugs are manufactured in both brass and stainless steel.

products for AC & Refrigeration Systems

Parts Washers & Dipping Tanks

Globe Technologies is proud to offer a range of products designed for parts washers and portable dip tanks.

products for Parts Washers & Dipping Tanks

Fire & Smoke Dampers

The Globe Technologies name takes pride in providing you with industry leading products designed specifically for use in fire & smoke dampers.

products for Fire & Smoke Dampers

Fire Safety Valves

Globe Technologies designed and engineered Fusible Links for fire safety valves are the best in the business. With over 20 years of experience our products have been proven to guarantee superior performance.

products for Fire Safety Valves

Hydraulic & Electrical
Automatic Shut Down

Globe Technologies offers you a thermal activated safety switch that can be used to shutoff hydraulic equipment or pumps.

products for Automatic Shut Down

Sign Hanger

The Globe Technologies Hanging Banner Release Link is specifically designed for advertising in retail stores.

products for Sign Hangers