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PHL® Thermal McCabe Resettable Bi-Metal Fire Links

  • Replacement is not required to comply with UL, NFPA and local codes for periodic or continuous cycle safety system components testing.
  • The McCabe® Link can provide heat detection signaling and operations.
  • You only need one McCabe® Link per application. It can be operated repeatedly - just manually click to reset it.
  • Nuisance tripping is reduced by the built-in delay.
  • Resettable permanent replacement for Fusible Links.
  • Always resettable after repeated testing – including routine system cycles or NFPA required periodic testing for safe functioning operating tests during inspection.
  • Depending on the specific unit, the McCabe® RESETTABLE Bi-metal Fire Link can be operated (repeatedly) three ways: Heat, Manually or Electrically.
  • Self-protection link circuitry. The McCabe® RESETTABLE Bi-metal Fire Link is “Off” when the standard “S” Hook is disengaged.
  • Nuisance tripping is reduced by delayed operation (15-45 seconds vs. UL standard of 1 minute).
  • Corrosion resistant Bi-metal, zinc coated steel and encased parts.
  • McCabe® RESETTABLE Bi-metal Fire Links are environmentally friendly.