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Fusible Links

Globe Technologies Fusible Links offer release temperatures from 135° F (57° C) to 500° F (260° C), with minimum loads ranging from 3lb (1.36kg) to a maximum of 45lbs (20.41kg). Our corrosion resistant base materials, which are adaptable to various locations, offer you a safe and cost-effective solution to your heat release protection requirements

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Fusible Valves

Globe Technologies Fusible Valves are specifically designed for pneumatic actuated fire/smoke dampers and are listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

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Custom Fusible Links

With more than 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of fusible release devices, we are experts at understanding the needs of our customers. Globe Technologies can assist with the compliance of all applicable local national fire code requirements. We produce both small and large quantities of fusible links.

As all of our products are specifically designed to protect life and property, we will never compromise in our pursuit of the highest quality and reliability. Our team can assist you in choosing an existing product or work with you to design a unique product. .

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Fusible Plugs

Globe Technologies Fusible Plugs are available in most standard sizes and release temperatures. We can also custom manufacture to your requirements!

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Fusible Chains & Loops

Globe Technologies Fusible Chains & Loops are specifically designed for parts washers and portable dip tanks. Fusible Chains have numerous applications for example: parts washer hood doors, HAZMAT product cupboard door or simple corridor doors. This product can be supplied to original component manufacturers for use in commercial and domestic applications. Globe Technologies Fusible Loops combine strength affordable protection to devices that require fixed length fitment dimensions.

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PHL Links

The McCabe® RESETTABLE Bi-metal Fire Link saves you time and money because it's RESETTABLE vs. the conventional fusible link that expires after testing.

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SR Products

The Electro Thermal Link – ETL® is a multipurpose dual responsive fusible link / release device. The fusible link portion functions identically to that of an ordinary fusible link.

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