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EFL-M for Hydraulic & Electrical Equipment Automatic Shut Down

  • The EFL-M is a thermal actuated safety switch used to shut off hydraulic equipment, flammable liquid pumps by securing the power to the controller for these units through an electrical shut off switch.
  • The EFL-M is designed to shut down the 120 Volt power supply feeding the controller on hydraulic equipment upon activations of the UL listed fusible link due to temperature rise reaching the melting temperature of the link.
  • The EFL-M can be wired as part of the equipment control circuit wiring or in series with the equipment power supply provided the power supply does not exceed the Micro Switch rating.
  • The EFL-M utilizes a UL listed fusible link as the thermal actuating device.
  • The EFL-M Micro Switch is rated for 20 Amps, 1 1/2 HP 120 VAC
Model EFL-M Fusible Link Enlarge Image
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Part # Temperature Rating
°F °C
327165M 165° 74°
327212M 212° 100°
327280M 280° 138°